QR codes in headstones

Some people choose to anchor a digital presence to a physical space - their own headstone.

Dorset company QR Memories offers stainless steel QR codes which can be attached to a grave and link through to a web page full of content provided by the person while they were still alive, or by their families.

"It's not always the things we would expect," says managing director Stephen Nimmo of the material uploaded.

"We have got some video from a lady's funeral, the hymns that were sung and an old gentleman in a pub simply singing - seven minutes of him singing this song and that clearly is what defined him."

The firm charges £95 for a code and £95 for an accompanying page, although the code can link to anywhere on the net if preferred.

"QR codes have a strange beauty to them," he adds.

"We often get asked what happens if they become obsolete, what do you do next? We always think about it but they are here to stay in whatever form they might be. The fact they haven't become an overused medium is probably quite a good thing for us, it remains more unique to what we're trying to achieve."


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